Audio/Visual Team

We need to grow our AV team of three!

Have you ever wondered how Pender Church produces our online live streaming services?

Who runs the soundboard, slideshow, and camera, and what are their responsibilities

If you are curious or interested in volunteering to help with the online production of our church services, please attend an introductory workshop on Sunday, May 24th, at 1:00 pm in the Pender sanctuary.

Teens are welcome!

Contact the AV Team

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Backpack Blessings

We are collecting food for an end of the school year Backpack Blessings bag to go to the GBE families in June. 

Please click the link to sign up to supply food

Sign up for as many items as you are able to supply, you do not need to supply the entire quantity of each item. 

Food is due at Pender by June 1, and can be dropped off in the collection bins outside the church front door. Staff will bring the donations inside. Or you can contact Ann Hines to arrange a porch pickup! 

We are also partnering with WFCM to supply 60 backpacks for next school year to students at GBE and Chantilly High School. 

We hope to order these backpacks in bulk online, since shopping can be difficult right now, and we anticipate that each backpack will cost approximately $25. 

If you would like to contribute to the purchase of the backpacks, please send a check made out to Pender UMW (with memo line: backpacks) to Iris Salcewicz. 

Please contact Ann Hines, Jami Flemmons or Cheryl Moxley with questions! 

Prayer Shawl Group Makes Face Masks

The face  masks for the doctors and nurses need to have:

  • option of using no elastic  (if you made them with elastic that's great too)
  • provide a comfortable pocket for the filter -  seam for this first patten doesn't hit the nose/mouth area
  • have an insert for a pipe cleaner or metal piece to close around the nose.

There are easier patterns out there but please do use ones with pocket open in the middle. Also use different pattern material for each side. But please do NOT make the ones with pocket opening in the middle of the inside for the fliter. They are uncomfortable. The pattern Margie showed has the opening just below the chin.

To do this Margie includes two YouTube demonstrations.

The first one gives the basics (you can cut the pattern an inch bigger all around to fit a man).

The second one explains how to insert the pipe cleaner or metal nose piece.

Watch them both before you begin

You can drop off the masks in a plastic bag and leave on Margie Koller's front door step or contact the church to make other arrangements.  Text or call her that you are doing this so she knows to look out for you.

Be sure your hands are washed, work area clean, even wipe down your scissors and machine.

Thank you so much for helping out.