Tidying Up Life

Series: Spring Cleaning Lenten Series

Tidying Up Life

March 17, 2019 | Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest

Passage: Matthew 16:24-26

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Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest continued her Lenten Series called Spring Cleaning with a message entitled Tidying Up Life based on the scriptures Micah 6:6-8 and Matthew 16:24-26.

As we move through our Lenten series on Spring Cleaning, I wonder.....what about our lives sparks joy in God's heart? What about our lives grieves God's heart? If we were to lay it all out before our Lord - what about our lives is worth keeping - what has out lived its usefulness - what is just taking up space? Are you ready to start Tidying Up?

Series Information

Lent is a time of spiritual house cleaning.  This season of Lent we will be doing just that. When we look within ourselves from the perspective of Christ’s unconditional, sacrificial love for us - where are our hearts, minds, and souls in need of the Spirit’s transformation?  

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