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Pender United Methodist Church supports 150 missionaries in 32 countries around the world. Each year, Pender sends teams on short-term mission trips to Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and we're always researching other trips.

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Pictures and video from Paraguay
Flourishing ministry Limpio, Paraguay
Pender UMC team visit to Paraguay from August 22 – September 5, 2019


The Pender Short Term Mission trip to Paraguay will work within the C-Deco project in Paraguay.   The website for the project is with recent activities and photos posted on the “news” section of the website.


The C-Deco community ministry center was started this past year is on a property of 3.5 acres that is in the name of “Fundacion Embajadores de Cristo Paraguay”.   This is an organization that has the signature approval of the President of Paraguay and was approved last year by three of the countries ministry departments.   The project is located 1.5 hours by car north of Asuncion near the town of Limpio and the Paraguay River.


Through this Foundation we are able to evangelize and disciple Paraguayans as well as offer social help including teaching people how to read, medical help, vocational training and community meetings.  


Chris Hanak is working closely with Pender supported missionary Emi Monges to offer ministry training classes for women in the community though her Focus on the Heart ministry.   The Pender team in August will help expand the community kitchen so that Emi can begin teaching mothers how to prepare meals for their families.   Emi has both national and international degrees in cooking from the top cooking institute in the country.


There are presently 3,000 recent migrants in the C-Deco project area divided into 5 communities.   This month there are 8 weekly home evangelistic meetings using a modified form of Alpha, 2 discipleship groups, learning to read classes for boys and girls, church services and Sunday school at the Center.


Pender teams have worked with the C-Deco team members for many years including Emi, Andres, Marilin and Dario.   We have been ministering with Emi in Paraguay since 1989.   All four of these team members are seminary graduates of the Methodist Seminary in Asuncion that was founded and staffed by Chris Hanak.   I (Charlie) taught a course last August at the Seminary on church leadership during the Pender short term mission trip.



Charlie Hanak

Pender UMC Missionary &

Regional Ministry Director for the Americas

Ambassadors for Christ International (AFCI)

Photos from the 2019 Poland Short Term Missions Trip, June 27 through July 6:

Photos from the 2019 Missions Celebration, March 22-24:

The Annual Missions Conference is an opportunity to meet visiting missionaries, hear their stories about what God is doing in the lives of people, and how lives are being changed throughout the world because of Pender’s Faith Promise Missions outreach.