You Can Trust the Call

Series: The Great 50 Days

You Can Trust the Call

May 03, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Marg Kutz

Passage: Matthew 28:16-20

Pastor Marg continued the series The Great 50 Days with You Can Trust the Call based on Matthew 28:16-20 and Hebrews 11:8-12; 12:1a, 12-13.

The Children's Message was by Andy Murphy. The hymns were #159 Lift High the Cross; #347 Spirit Song and #511 Go Make of All Disciples.

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Children's Sunday School May 3

Peter and John and book of Acts

Discover Peter and John's story as they went to temple, jail and court.

Thank you Bethany Hugo, Lydia Hugo, Sarah Katherine Hugo, Annabelle Powers, Isaac Powers, Mark (the recorder pro) Powers, Karen Cross, and Laurie Lett for your contributions this week!

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