So Many Mothers!

So Many Mothers!

May 12, 2019 | Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest

Passage: Exodus 1:19-21

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The Mother's Day message Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest preached on was So Many Mothers! based on scriptures Exodus 1:8-22 and Exodus 2:1-10

When my children were little there was a book called Are You My Mother? about a little bird who had fallen out of his nest and was looking for his mother.  Now the little bird just went from pillar to post looking for his mama - constantly being told 'no, I am not your mother' until he finally found his mother at last and was plopped back in his nest safe and sound - happy ending! 

For us, as we look around at the women in our lives, if we were to ask: are you my mother?  The answer will always be a resounding YES - want to know why? 

This Sunday we considered "So Many Mothers!"