Pardon Me! Please! (Common Ground Contemporary)

Series: The Way of Salvation

Pardon Me! Please! (Common Ground Contemporary)

August 09, 2020 | Rev. Will White

Passage: Luke 15:1-32

Sunday, August 9, 2020

This Sunday, Rev. White preached a sermon titled, "Pardon Me! Please!"
from the worship series
"The Way of Salvation".
This message was based on Luke 15:1-32.
We also honored Theresa Carpenter
for her many years of service to Pender.

Series Information

Sermon Series:  “The Way” (July 19-September 6, 2020) by Rev. Will White

Series Goal: To encourage worshippers to embrace “The Way” (of Salvation) in their daily living.

We will delve into crucial UM beliefs by sharing stories of the early Methodists, as well as insights from contemporary Wesleyan scholars (Adams, Watson, Heitzenrater, Campbell, and many more).  We’ll dive deeply into “The Way of Salvation” and will touch on other beliefs such as: The Quadrilateral, Means of Grace, the importance of small groups, Rules of the Societies, and the importance of fellowship.  These are discipleship, relationship, and church development related sermons.  We will talk about working together to find opportunities for members and friends to discuss “The Way” in pandemically appropriate ways.   The Way of Salvation is important because losing sight of this faith process has kept Christians from growing in faith and has hurt the church. 

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