8/12/18, Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest ~ The Call of Joy

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8/12/18, Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest ~ The Call of Joy

August 12, 2018 | Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest

Ever feel that you have been trying so hard to live a life of blessing in the midst of hardship and sadness – so hard to answer God’s call on your life no matter what obstacles arise and things – but you just never seem to get a break? Hard not to check out isn’t it? Hard not to go back to the way things used to be– life seemed so easy then (even when we know it wasn’t!) How do we respond in the midst of the profound challenges and griefs of life? Do we give up or hear the call to joy in spite of it all? We can learn a lot from Moses and Miriam and their responses to the overwhelming challenges to their lives lived in God’s call. Hope you can join us on Sunday as we spend time in God’s word together – and just a hint…..never let them steal your JOY!

The scripture was Exodus 15:1-21

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