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    A Note from Pastor Will
    12.01.20 | Pastor | by Pastor Will White

    After consulting with our Healthy Church Team, and a variety of church leaders, "The Journey" scheduled outdoors in our church's parking lot on December 11th at 6pm and 7pm has been cancelled.

      Another Scam Alert
      09.14.20 | Pastor | by Pastor Will White

      Once again someone has created a fake gmail account that looks very similar to Pastor Will's Pender email account and they are trying to trick Pender members out of money.

        A Note from the Pastor March 24, 2020
        03.24.20 | Pastor | by Rev. Dr. Marg Kutz

        From Pastor Marg Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  These may be unprecedented times but God is still on the throne.  In the time of Joseph there was a great famine but God knew that time was coming so preceded...