Sunday School

Sunday School Sign-In

As with last year, parents will sign their children in for Sunday School using the computer in the downstairs hallway.  Parents will keep one number (sticker), and their children will wear their sticker/number to class.  Children will be released when the adult with the matching number arrives at the classroom.  (This process is the same as last year.  The changes come for Children’s Church.)


Parents who would like their children to attend BOTH Sunday School and Children’s Church should continue wearing the number they receive at their 9:30 check-in through 11:00 church so, when they arrive to collect their children after church, the teachers can use those numbers to match parent with child.  (The children will wear their number sticker through both Sunday School and Children’s Church.)


Parents of children who will only attend Children’s Church must check their children in using the computer in the Narthex PRIOR to the start of the 11:00am service so that, when the children’s sermon ends, the children can go directly to Children’s Church with their teachers.  Teachers will, again, use the number stickers to match parent with child at the end of church.


In both circumstances, parents must come to the classroom to pick up their children.  For safety reasons, children will not be released to an adult without the appropriate numerical identification.

A Note from Pastor Catharine:

Dear Pender Family –

As you know, we are in a time of transition in our children and youth program. It is a time of change and challenge, opportunity and growth. It is also a time to explore creative ways to ensure that our children continue to be actively involved in Sunday School and Children’s Church. Now is our opportunity to be part of this time of stepping up and exploring all that God can and will do through each of us. As parents, we want our children to know all there is to learn about our Lord. As those already involved in teaching our children – thank you! Therefore, I am reaching out to all of you.

I am asking each of you to prayerfully consider joining me for an hour and a half on Wednesday, August 28 at 7:00 PM in the Cornerstone Room. During our time together, we will go over the curriculum for the fall, the Child Protection Policy and have a time of Q&A. You will also be given the opportunity to view the schedule for September 2019 through June 2020 school year, and to sign up and participate as a teacher or classroom assistant, or perhaps to assist in the nursery.

It is vital to the future of our church that we each to continue to serve God by serving our children and what a wonderful opportunity God is giving all of us to do just that! Please come and see how God is inviting you into ministry this school year with our precious children!

Sunday Morning Nursery

The Nursery Program provides a safe, caring environment for newborns through age 4 during Sunday worship services, Sunday School, and other church functions throughout the week. 

Silent pagers are provided to contact parents in the event of an emergency. Child care procedures as outlined in our Child Protection Policy are followed.  Parents who utilize the nursery are encouraged to volunteer once per quarter. If you wish to volunteer for a shift in the nursery, please contact the Nursery Coordinator.

Sunday School Classes are for ALL ages at 9:30 am.  Adult Class descriptions may be found here.

Opportunities to Serve

Parents are encouraged to volunteer as a Sunday School teacher, helper, or substitute teacher on a quarterly basis.  The Child Protection Policy training must be completed prior to serving in this capacity.   Please see the contact information at the bottom of this page for more information.

Contact the Education Ministry Council

For more information about participating or volunteering in this ministry, the individuals listed below may be contacted by e-mailing the church office at  or calling the church office at 703-278-8023.

Sunday School Teacher sign up