Pender PrimeTimers

The Prime Timers are recently-and-not-so-recently-retired-aged folks, though anyone can join in the fun!  We generally meet every month to share a meal or activity.

Hello Prime Timers!


Although this email is lengthy, we wanted to be sure you were up to date with the latest-and-greatest happenings and opportunities at Pender. 


New Bells Group Forming for the Prime Timers:   We are so excited about this!  Theresa offered to start a bells group for the Prime Timers crowd!  We would meet for practice every week for an hour or so.  And before you think you wouldn’t be a good fit because you can’t read music (no prior experience necessary) , or can’t see the music (we can make it BIG), or have a bum shoulder (you can ring small bells or chimes), can’t stand for an hour (we have stools) or for any other reason, know that she will be starting from scratch and will teach us everything we need to be successful!  At the very least we will have a fun time together.  If you are already a bell player, come join us and you can help shepherd the newbies!  Theresa has a number of days and times available.  If you are interested (and we hope you are), let Cheryl know your preference on day:  Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. The time slot will be for an hour sometime between 10am and 2pm or so.  We’ll fine-tune the time with those interested in joining.  


Contact the Music Ministry

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GBE Volunteer Opportunity:  We are also excited about this!  Last year the Backpack Blessings program with Greenbriar East was a huge success, and the school was so appreciative.  We would like to take an additional step to support that community by providing volunteers as reading buddies to the young students, or assistance with teacher needs such as copying papers, laminating items, prepping projects, etc.  Cheryl is meeting with the principal and counselors on August 13 along with Catharine, Ann and Jami.  Please, please, please be in prayer for this meeting and be open to ways that you might participate.  Becoming a mentor is an amazing way to show God’s love and make an incredible difference in the life of a child!  More details on the opportunities to follow, but if you’d like to tentatively throw your name in as a volunteer, email Cheryl


Visitation / Smiles on Wheels (or Via Phone or Card!):  Do you know someone who might enjoy a visit, phone call or card to brighten their day or provide encouragement?  We would like to do just that - let us know if someone you know might benefit.  We’ll take it from there.  And if YOU would like a visit, or to join our group of encouragers and prayer partners, let us know that too.


We hope you are enjoying these summer months, and we look forward to seeing you around Pender!


Becky and Cheryl