Music Ministries

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." -- Ephesians 5:19

The Music Ministries at Pender are dedicated to using God’s gift of music to joyfully lift praises to His name!

Our primary focus is to enhance our worship experience at Pender through music of all kinds - voice, guitar, piano, organ, handbells, drums, and more. 

We have groups of all ages, sizes and abilities, and our goal is to involve every person who wishes to glorify God through music. No musical ability required!

During COVID-19, the Music Ministries have gotten creative.

The Pender Sanctuary Virtual Choir sang Do Not I Love Thee on Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Pender Sanctuary Choir performed another Virtual Choir for Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020. The piece is Holy and Mighty by Pepper Choplin.

Our Graduating Seniors:

When we return to normal, learn about...
Children's Music

Pender's annual music program for children runs from September through May.   Our program is “graded” in that we have separate groups for specific ages and abilities.  This allows the children to learn about God and their place in His world in a way that they can understand and embrace.  Music concepts are taught at a comfortable pace yet present challenges for our budding musicians.

There are several children’s choirs grouped according to choral and handbell:

Preschool and Kindergarten: In Cherub Choir, our little songbirds learn how to sing and engage in music games and activities.   The Cherub Choir sings about 5-6 times during the school at a Sunday morning service, and also participates in the annual Palm Sunday children’s processional.

Cherub Choir

Who: 4 years through Kindergarten
When: Practice on Sundays
Where: Preschool Music Room (Room 125)
Register: Cherub Choir Online Registration

Elementary (Grades 1-6): Elementary-aged children can sing and ring at Pender.   The Wesley Choir is the busiest of all the children’s choirs.  At this level, the children are called upon to sing AND be true leaders in worship.  The Choir sings 7-8 times during the school year.  The Wesley Choir also participates in special services and events such as singing at nursing homes, and they also take the lead in presenting the annual Christmas Eve children’s program and the annual children’s spring musical.

Wesley Choir

Who: 1st through 6th grade
When: Practice on Thursdays at 5:15 PM
Where: Choir Room
Register: Wesley Choir Online Registration

The Genesis Ringers  (Grades 1 and 2) introduces kids to the art of handchime and handbell ringing. handbells!   In this group the children learn basic music reading and ringing skills and learn some fun handbell techniques.  They lead worship about 4 times during the school year and participate in the annual Christmas handbell concert.

Genesis Ringers

Who: 1st through 2nd grade
When: Practice on Thursdays at 4:45 PM
Where: Music Rehearsal Room (Chapel)
Register: Genesis Ringers Online Registration

The members of the Jubilation Ringers (grades 3-6) have been ringing for at least two years, and are presented with more challenging (but a lot of fun!) music.  Both the Genesis and Jubilation Ringers ring about 4-5 times during Sunday morning worship and participate in the annual Christmas handbell program that takes place in early December.

Jubilation Ringers

Who: 3th through 6th grade and their parents.
When: Practice on Thursdays at 4:45 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Register: Jubilation Ringers Online Registration
Youth Music

We love teens at Pender!   Pender’s Music Ministry has many talented teen musicians who participate in our music groups.   We know teens can become very busy with their schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, but those youth who are part of our music groups will tell you the challenges, fun, and fellowship we have are worth the time and effort.

Youth Choir (Grades 7-12): The Pender Youth Choir is comprised of teens in grades 7-12.  Some of our teens sing in their school choir, and some do not.  Some read music and some do not.  All that is required is a desire to learn and sing and have some fun!  We sing a variety of musical styles, including the popular contemporary Christian music heard on Christian radio.  The Youth Choir sings about 8-9 times during Sunday morning worship from September to June. 

Youth Choir

Who: Grades 7 through 12
When: Practice on Sundays at 5:45 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Register: Youth Choir Online Registration

Youth Handbells:   We have two handbell groups for teens.  Celebration Ringers is a 5-octave group that rings moderately-easy to intermediate level music and is open to all teens who would like to ring.   The Youth Handbell Ensemble is a smaller group of advanced ringers and join by invitation of the director.   Both groups ring about 5-6 times each year and participate in the annual Christmas handbell concert.

Celebration Ringers

Who: Grades 7 through 12 (intermediate level of difficulty)
When: Practice on Sundays at 5:00 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Directed By: Ann Rollins
Register: Youth Handbell Online Registration

Youth Handbell Ensemble

Who: Grades 7 through 12 (advanced level by invitation only)
When: Practice on Sundays at 5:00 PM
Where: Music Rehearsal Room (Chapel)
Directed By:

Youth Instrumental  Ensemble:   Also known as the “Youth Orchestra,”  the Youth Instrumental  Ensemble is a group of teens (and a few adults!) who play  Christian music written for band or orchestra.  Most members of this group are also playing in a school orchestra or band, and bring their own instrument to rehearsals.   The group plays about 3-4 times per year during Sunday morning worship.  We do not rehearse every week but instead rehearse for four-six weeks prior to our scheduled play date.  Our more experienced musicians also join the adult choir for the annual Christmas and Lenten Cantatas.    Strings, woodwind, and brass players are welcome.  Our kick-off date is November 3 – after marching band season.

Youth Instrumental Ensemble

Who: Grades 7 through 12 (adults also welcome)
When: Practice on Sundays at 4:15 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Directed By:
Adult Music

At Pender, we are blessed to have many dedicated volunteers that comprise our adult music groups.   Week after week, these individuals come together to share the gift of music with the Pender congregation.    Our adult music groups act as “small groups” for their participants.  Not only do we come together to sing or play music, we become closer to God and to each other by sharing our lives – celebrating the happy times and sharing burdens during the not-so-happy times.  We welcome you to join us to experience the love of God and the fellowship of believers through music.  Childcare will be provided upon request.


Sanctuary Choir: The Sanctuary Choir leads worship most Sundays from August through June.  The Sanctuary Choir sings at the traditional Sunday morning worship service.


The Sanctuary Choir presents an annual Christmas and Lenten Cantata and there are opportunities for singing in small ensembles as well.  You do not need to know how to read music to join us!  You also do not need to know your voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).    Our section leaders will help you get started!

Sanctuary Choir

Who: Adults (age 18 and up)
When: Practice on Thursdays at 7:30 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Register: Sanctuary Online Registration

Adult Handbells: Handbells are not just for children and teens!  We have three adult handbell groups for beginner to advanced ringers.  The difficulty level of handbell music is rated from Level 1 (easy) to Level 6 (most difficult).  Each of the groups rings 6-8 times in worship between September and June and participates in the annual Christmas handbell concert.  The groups also like to participate in the various festivals that are held by the regional handbell guild (Handbell Musicians of America – Area 3). Our rehearsals are full of laughing and ringing (sometimes more laughing than ringing!)  You do not have to know how to read music to learn how to ring handbells!  Come and try us out and laugh a little (or a lot…)

Carillon Ringers group is for ringers who ring Level 2 and Level 3 music.

Who: Adults (intermediate to advanced level of difficulty)
When: Practice on Tuesdays at 6:45 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Register: Carillon Ringers Online Registration

Joy Ringers group is for advanced ringers who ring Level 4 and Level 5 music

Who: Adults (advanced level of difficulty)
When: Practice on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
Where: Sanctuary
Register: Joy Ringers Online Registration
Common Ground Praise Band

The band plays on Sunday mornings for the contemporary service. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings.