Bible Studies

Bible studies and small groups are where the Pender church family comes together in community to learn and grow together.

Groups are always open to new members! Contact the group lead or the church office for more information.

Disciple Bible Study is considered one of the best Bible studies to be developed in recent history. In the new “Fast Track”, students have daily readings and study material and meet weekly for a 90 minute class. 

Join Pastor Marg on Wednesdays during Lent for a study of the book of Acts.

This study will be offered TWICE ON WEDNESDAYS beginning March 4 and running 6 weeks at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm using the Disciple Bible Study II Fast Track format. 

Books will be helpful but not required.  You can order a paper copy from Cokesbury or a kindle copy from Amazon.  It is the green and gray books.

Many scholars see the strong similarities of the church in the 1st century with the church in the 21st century.  We in the 21st century church have much to learn from those apostles in the 1st century.  Mixed in with the Bible study will be information about the religious culture of the United States in 2020. 

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