Thank You Video From Our Africa University Student

    April 02, 2019 | Missions & Outreach by Lloyd Rollins

    Astewale provides a brief update in his Thank You video. Pender UMC has supported Astewale as a student at Africa University. He is a senior this year.

    Pender has supported Africa University students for decades via academic scholarships, funded by our special Easter offering. Through our 2019 Easter offering, we will provide the final year of schooling for our current student! He is a third year agricultural student from Ethiopia named Astewale, who is the first in his family to attend university.
    From Astewale: “Africa University has given me many treasures and expanded my horizons so much so that words fail me to fully express my time here. Living on a campus filled with diversity, I have gained immense respect for my brothers and sisters from different countries. Most importantly are the skills that I am acquiring that I know will change my future and that of my family. I would like to express immense gratitude towards you, my sponsor, Pender UMC, for the opportunity you have given me to study at AU. I am exposed to so many amazing and enriching experiences that I never thought would have been possible in my life. You are forever in my thoughts and in my prayers and though I may never get the opportunity to meet you in person to tell you just how grateful I am, I hope that these words convey clearly to you what a life changing gift you have given me and the benefit that educating me will have on my family and my country. Again, thank you!”
    Learn more about Africa University, the first and only fully accredited institution of higher learning on the African continent, established by the United Methodist Church: