Sewing Machine Donations

    October 29, 2019 | Missions & Outreach


    One of the dreams the Lord put in my heart long ago was to enable women to learn to sew to benefit their families. We can pray for something for a long time, but God always has His time, and when it's His time, things happen!

    Thanks to the generosity of many women in the US, we were able to buy 6 semi-industrial sewing machines. Thanks to the generosity of Pender UMC, we were able to expand our ministry center to accommodate safe storage of the machines. And the Lord provided a professional teacher to teach the women.

    We have begun with 10 women (there are 5 regular machines). The first week, they met for an orientation to the ministry and to the machines. I invited 5 of our regular women's ministry members to participate and asked each to bring a friend to introduce to C-Deco. To be in the sewing group, they need to commit to attending church at least twice a month and to participate fully in one of our Bible studies -- either a basic discipleship class or a Focus on the Heart study. The new women accepted the challenge of learning to sew and of participating in growing in faith!

    The second week, the women learned to sew straight seams by joining strips of fabric to make a table mat. They are so proud of their work!