Pandemic Fatigue Webinar

    January 26, 2021 | Pastor | Webinar by Pastor Will White
    Dr. Hart is a psychiatrist finishing residency in upstate New York, but calls Virginia home. He has many roles around the hospital, though his favorite part of the job is community and student teaching.
    Some of the questions asked were:
    1. What are the primary mental health problems people seem to be having due to the pandemic (chronic anxiety, anger, depression, grief, etc.)?
    2. How are other underlying mental health issues being exacerbated by the pandemic?    
    3. If someone is struggling with anxiety when its time to seek to seek help?
    4. How are addictions being exacerbated because of the pandemic?
    5. What can we do to strengthen the mental health of those living with us at home?
    6.How can we improve our own resilience?
    7.What serious mental health risks are worth the risk of face to face contact with others?
    8.What alterations to basic routines can help combat the effects of isolation?
    9. If someone has a tendency to lash out in anger, what tools can you advise to help them manage?
    10. If someone struggles with depression, what tools can you advise?
    11. If someone struggles with anxiety, what tools can you advise?
    12. What rituals can people perform to substitute for events like graduations, funerals, etc. that they are forced to miss during the pandemic.


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