Help Wanted - Adult

    July 08, 2019 | Missions & Outreach by Martin Patch

    Wanted- a few busy men & women to mentor our youth during the youth Short Term Mission Program in Philippi WV.

    What does that entail?

    Example,  the youth are building s beam (nailing 2 boards together.  One young lad is choked up on the hammer about 2 inches from the head of the hammer. He is rotating from the wrist and tapping on the nail which is not going in.  You encourage him to practice holding the hammer near the end of the handle.  Hold the wrist straight and swing from the elbow.  He may bend a nail until achieving some skill.

    A young lady is discouraged after bending 2 nails.  You comfort and console and encourage her to get another nail.  She and you will be gratified when she finally drives a nail home.

    Youth schedule - leave church Friday July 19, work Saturday, church Sunday, work Monday & Tuesday, river (play day) Wednesday, work Thursday & Friday, and leave 4-H camp Sat morning before breakfast.

    I am looking for busy men and women because they are good time managers.

    For example, you leave after work on Friday and arrive late.  We’ll leave the light on for you!!! You work Saturday, go to church with the youth Sunday and return Sunday afternoon.  Any other combination of days will be a welcome contribution and blessing to the youth program.

    We encourage you to be an encourager.

    May the Lord bless your decision.

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