Another Scam Alert

    September 14, 2020 | Pastor by Pastor Will White

    Dear Friends of Jesus Christ at PUMC,


    Many of you have recently been contacted by someone purporting to me.  The imposter is claiming that I’m in a prayer meeting and need discrete assistance.  This is a scam.  If you reply, you’ll receive a fraudulent request for financial assistance.  The scammer is using the email address   .  Please delete and block that email address.


    For future reference, I will never make that kind of request from you.  If you ever receive an email, text, or other form of communication that you do not understand, from someone claiming to be me, please contact me directly.


    Grace and Peace,


    Rev. Will White, Lead Pastor of Pender UMC

    You may report it here:

    You may also report any emails that you get requesting gift cards or bitcoin to

    More information about this type of scam at

    Thanks and stay safe!